Every subject finds its competence.

As part of STREAM, a consortium of diversified companies operating in the sector of sustainable energy, EQANIMA offers 360° advisory services to implement and manage energy plants from renewable sources.


Technical, economical, tax, legal due diligence of plants and existing infrastructures connected to the world of renewable energies.


Feasibility studies with identification of the balanced solution for applied technology, return of investment and carbon footprint.


Administration and telematics management of energy assets, in compliance with requirements laid down by law and technical regulations.

Why choose Equanima:

To find in the presentthe answers to the future.

The EQANIMA vision is to work with ethical and moral principles aimed at the material, emotional and intellectual wellbeing of people, finalizing every action for the progress for the environment we all are part of.

Moving renewable energy.

E-mobility is the last ring of a process that integrates the reduction of CO2 in energy production, by a charge infrastructure suited to the needs of the context in which it fits.