Agrovoltaic, the decree that has been sent to the European Commission provides for a capital contribution of up to 40 percent and a tariff on energy.
Out of the more than 1 GW of the quota, 300 MW reserved for farmers for plants under 1 MW.

The text of the long-awaited decree with incentives for agrivoltaics has been sent to the European Commission, “from which we will have to wait for the green light for the actual entry into force.”, this was announced in a Mase note, regarding the intervention envisaged by the NRRP. The aim is to install at least 1.04 GW of agrivoltaic plants by June 30, 2026.

The ministerial decree,” the statement reads, “provides an incentive consisting of a capital contribution to the maximum extent of 40 percent of eligible costs and an incentive tariff on the energy produced and fed into the grid. To be supported “will be in particular innovative construction solutions, mainly with a vertical structure and with high-efficiency modules,” it explains.

To promote the implementation of the interventions at the world of agricultural entrepreneurship, two separate power quotas are provided for access to the procedures. A first contingent of 300 MW will be allocated only to the agricultural sector for power installations up to 1 MW, and a second will also be open to temporary associations of companies, composed of at least one entity from the agricultural sector, for installations of any power.

A key element of the measure, to ensure the implementation of projects that generate competing agriculture-energy benefits and assess their effects over time, is the monitoring system. It is expected, in fact, that these installations ensure the continuity of the agricultural and pastoral activity underlying the plant throughout the useful life of the installations, and that microclimate, water savings and fertility recovery are monitored.

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