Among the many novelties of DPR 199/2021, legislative decree for the actuation of the European Parliament and Council on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources, there is also the possibility to access to on-site power exchange. At 90 days from the entry into force of incentive decrees of small size plants (less than MW), in fact, it won’t be possible anymore to access to on-site power exchange which is today the incentive modality for power plants up to 500 kW. The same decree sets at the end of 2024 the deadline within which also today’s incentivized plants with on-site power exchange will be carried to other incentive formulas. The aim is to speed up the path to sustainable growth, through the development of new investments, in line with the European objectives of decarbonization of the energy system in 2030 an d the complete abandonment of fossil fuel within the year 2050.